For Publishers

1. Freelance editing, storyshaping and project management:


Do you need a freelance editor? Do you have a project that needs managing?


Or have you received a submission from a promising author/illustrator that you feel needs more shaping before you’d be willing to take it on?


Do you know of an illustrator who would like to write and illustrate their own picture book texts but needs some help with their storyshaping?


I have twenty years' experience commissioning and editing pre-school novelty books, picture books, early readers, young fiction, and (pop-up) non-fiction. I love collaborating with authors, illustrators, paper engineers, designers and shaping stories. I have a talent for visualizing books and encouraging authors and illustrators to find the heart of their stories.


I can take a project from beginning to end or help with anything in between.


Current clients include: Penguin Random House,
Five Quills Press, Thames & Hudson Children's Books, Lawrence King Publishing


As you’ll see in my awards, praise and testimonials, I’ve shaped some special books over the years and helped authors, illustrators, agents and publishers turn visuals and texts into commercial projects.


2. Creative brainstorming:


Need to come up with fresh ideas for a list? Need a new direction for a project? I am experienced in running creative brainstorming sessions and can help your group come up with innovative ideas and solutions. I offer a fresh perspective, a chance to think outside the box, get creative and make some bold decisions.


Get in touch and find out what we can achieve together!

"One of the books I have worked on with Natascha has won a prestigious award, and another shortlisted" – Georgie Birkett, Is This My Nose?

Storya narrative, either  fictitious or true,  designed to interest, amuse or inspire 

Shape  to fashion or form, mould, create or give character to