Storyshaping, Editing & Coaching

Why Blue Elephant Storyshaping?

Why do you need independent editorial advice? Won’t you get your book edited by a publisher for free?


In the tough marketplace, publishing houses have limited in-house resources and are aiming to reduce their overheads by acquiring more finished, high-quality books that don’t require as much polishing. Agents are also increasingly pressed for time and their job is much easier when they are sent fully developed projects to place with their clients.


Don't want to get stuck in the 'slush pile'? Blue Elephant Storyshaping can help you hone your work so that publishers and agents sit up and take notice of your submissions. Here are 10 Ways I can help YOU!


I recognize that each book is unique and that you are an individual. I have the time to help you develop your craft, understand the creative process, and can empower you to find your vision. I am an author myself, so I know how challenging the journey to publication can be. See how we can work together here!


Blue Elephant Storyshaping can tailor its services to help you shape the book that you have always wanted to write or illustrate. Get in touch so we can start!



"Natascha is an editor among editors, a true writer's editor. I'm delighted that, through Blue Elephant, more emerging writers will find a way to their strongest voice." – Marie Campbell, TLA Literary Agency


"Natascha has helped illustrators to develop their authorial voice, which can involve a lot of encouraging and patience in the process. Illustrators have appreciated her sympathetic and constructive advice as they try to write their own stories." – Heather Richards, Tallbean Illustrators' Agency


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"One of the books I have worked on with Natascha has won a prestigious award, and another shortlisted" – Georgie Birkett, Is This My Nose?

Storya narrative, either  fictitious or true,  designed to interest, amuse or inspire 

Shape  to fashion or form, mould, create or give character to