How Do I Submit My Work?

The first step is to email me, outlining your background and letting me know in which services you are interested, and attaching your picture book manuscript, an artwork sample or dummy book (pdf) or 10 pages of your novel & synopsis (double-spaced, 12 pt type). Please place your surname and title of the work in the email subject header. One submission at a time only. Please allow up to two weeks for a reply.


If your project has storyshaping potential, I will do everything I can to help you develop your work to the next level. But if, for any reason, I feel your project is not a good match for Blue Elephant Storyshaping, I may turn you down with feedback and suggestions for how you might continue to improve your craft. You are welcome to contact me again in the future and submit new or revised material.


If I think you are a good match, I will reply with a suggestion for how we could best work together. Please allow up to four weeks for a reply.


Whether you are a new or established author or illustrator, Blue Elephant would be delighted to hear from you. We will go on a journey of discovery to shape your story into the best book possible, but Blue Elephant cannot guarantee that our work together will lead to your project being published. But I can help you hone your craft by providing detailed feedback, insight into the marketplace, encouragement and direction so that you travel one step closer to publication. Email me now to begin!



"Natascha has an unerring instinct for what makes a good book and is an astute and thoughtful editor with all the right connections" – Jane Clarke 


Once upon a time, a young man who could only just write his own name started to write silly stories for children. These were mainly nonsense until a friendly wizard called Natascha said she would help . . . and help she did! Natascha was a guiding light in the creative minefield of children's storybooks; with her help and influence I went on to be very successful and wrote and illustrated many titles . . . If you want to get published get a wizard!!! – Richard Morgan

"One of the books I have worked on with Natascha has won a prestigious award, and another shortlisted" – Georgie Birkett, Is This My Nose?

Storya narrative, either  fictitious or true,  designed to interest, amuse or inspire 

Shape  to fashion or form, mould, create or give character to