This is a webinar that can help picture book authors and author/ illustrators at ALL levels to explore techniques to capture the big picture and scrutinize the small stuff. I will show you how to cut and refine, how to re-knit your picture book after it unravels when you have revised it. Bring highlighters or crayons!


“This is one of the best webinars I have attended.” – Virginia


“Wonderful presentation! I can't wait to edit.” – Eleanor Ann


“Thank you for soooo many great revision tips. What a THROUGH, ENGAGING webinar. Sharing your revision process on your own book was very insightful. Thank you for your time and your talent. ” – Sharon


“I love your sample choices - not only do they illustrate the revision elements you review but they are also fabulous stories. INCREDIBLE PRESENTATION. Thank you so very much for all of the information and encouragement you provided today. Absolutely fabulous!” – Evelyn


“Your book examples make it real and accessible.”  – Sheila


"WOW, I appreciate all this incredible info - I had no idea how complex the revision process is." – Lisa


Immensely enjoyed this and lots of insights!” – Rebecca


“One of the best webinars I've attended!” – Denise


“I feel like I have a direction now to go back and revise my draft with some energy!” – Nancy


"Excellent! I am already editing in my head. and I know better stories will emerge." – Susan


"This webinar was amazing and so helpful, but most of all it was INSPIRING!" – Christine


"One of the books I have worked on with Natascha has won a prestigious award, and another shortlisted" – Georgie Birkett, Is This My Nose?

Storya narrative, either  fictitious or true,  designed to interest, amuse or inspire 

Shape  to fashion or form, mould, create or give character to