“Super Informative, and clearly presented. The developmental stages with book examples were absolutely perfect.” – Shelley


“Great presentation! You've given me so many more ways to rework my own picture book - and lots of help in guiding me towards which age group I need to aim for in the final version.” – Ken


“I really enjoyed the integration of the developmental stages in the connection of children's humor.” – Lynette


“The idea of layering different humorous devices is important. I'm going to examine the funny book I'm working on to see the layers
I have in place.” – Eileen


“Fabulous webinar! So helpful to understand humor from a child development perceptive and absolutely loved walking through real life examples and why each one works. Layering is key too. Thanks so much for the invaluable tips - much appreciated.”  – Deb


"Excellent presentation! I’ve attended other humor webinars before and this is by far the best one! Thank you, Natascha." – Ann


Loved it! Great insight followed by book example format.” – Susan


“EXCELLENT!” – Elizabeth


“WOW! Thanks so much for an awesome webinar, and so much information! I'm psyched!” – Evelyn


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge so clearly

and enthusiastically. Delightful!” – Susie


"One of the books I have worked on with Natascha has won a prestigious award, and another shortlisted" – Georgie Birkett, Is This My Nose?

Storya narrative, either  fictitious or true,  designed to interest, amuse or inspire 

Shape  to fashion or form, mould, create or give character to